Adrenaline and Temperature Control

It’s Summer. You’re probably spending a lot of your time out and about, at the beach or by the pool. But did you know that adrenaline can be affected by temperature?

Temperatures over 25°C and prolonged sun exposure can affect the stability and potency of adrenaline – bad luck for us Aussies hey? This means that over time the strength of your EpiPen® or Anapen® may degrade if the optimum temperature is not maintained.

Store your adrenaline injector at temperatures between 15 and 25°C.

Due to the unpredictability of the Australian climate, it’s extra important that you develop some strategies to help protect your EpiPen® or Anapen® over Summer.

Our Top Tips:

  • Always keep your EpiPen® or Anapen® away from direct sunlight. If you’re outdoors on a hot day, try to keep it in the shade.
  • Consider purchasing a MedActiv EasyBag, which can help maintain the EpiPen at the correct temperature for up to 5 days. This bag is perfect if you’re planning a camping trip, have an outdoor Summer job, or are just planning on hitting the beach a lot this Summer.
  • Do NOT store your EpiPen® or Anapen® in your/parent’s car.
  • Do NOT refrigerate or freeze because it can affect the mechanics of the adrenaline injector.