250k Youth Camps

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Take the challenge and participate in a 250K youth camp and meet other teens living with severe food allergy, many of whom will become great friends.

When do we run 250K youth camps?

The aim of the 250K youth camps is to bring together teens living with severe allergy. We also have peer mentors (older teens and young adults) participating in the camp we find that the younger teens get a lot out of talking to the older teens and young adults. Our peer mentors all live with severe food allergy and have undergone training with us.

We understand that going on a camp is challenging for teens with food allergy, particularly a camp where they don’t know the other campers. Our experience with these camps is that the campers connect with each other very quickly and make new friends. Some stay in contact long after the camp has ended!

What do we do on Camps?

They participate in a range of fun adventure and team building activities. In addition, our staff and volunteers are health professionals and we will have allergy nurses and dietitians as well as allergists participating in the camp. They provide allergy education sessions to help the campers manage their food allergies.

Have a look at our photo and video gallery to see some of the activities we offer on camp.

Post camp catch-up

We also provide an opportunity for the campers to catch up with each other through our Connect 250K chat rooms.

Past Camps

Sunshine Coast Camp Mar 2023

Perth Camp Dec 2022

Adelaide Camp Sept 2022

Perth Fun Day
Feb 2021

Merricks Lodge Nov 2019

Yarramundi NSW Jan 2019

Need Help?

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Content Updated: May 2023