Allergy 250K camp in Sydney March 2024


This camp has now been held. View the Allergy 250K Sydney camp photo gallery and camp summary.

Location and dates

The National Allergy Council is holding an Allergy 250K camp in Sydney, NSW. School-aged teens, 10-18 years, with severe allergy and at risk of anaphylaxis can attend this camp.

The weekend of adventure will take place just 10km from the Sydney CBD. The camp dates are Saturday 16 March to Sunday 17 March 2024. If your child only wants to attend on the Saturday, that is also an option. The accommodation will be dormitory style (not tents).


There is no participation cost as we have received Government funding for this camp. If you live outside New South Wales, you will need to get your child to and from the campsite. Please note we cannot fund airfares.

All food allergies catered for

Allergy dietitians with extensive experience in complex food allergy will be involved in meal preparation and service during the camp. National Allergy Council staff, clinical immunology/allergy specialists, allergy nurses and allergy dietitians will attend the camp.

What we do at Allergy 250K camps

We play games, eat delicious food and get involved in a bunch of fun activities. The camp will be a mixture of team outdoor activities and allergy information sessions run by health professionals. A full program will be provided just prior to the camp. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet other teens living with severe allergy while experiencing the fun of camp in a safe and supportive environment.

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Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in attending the Allergy 250K camp being held in Sydney in March 2024. Registrations are now closed.