GALLERY: 250K Youth Camp – Saturday 23/11/2019

Saturday! Our only full-day on camp, and it was JAM-PACKED with fun activities, team bonding and learning about managing our allergies. 

We started early, with a session about managing anxiety from Psychologist Deirdre Brandner. Afterward, we headed outside for tree climbing. Soon after lunch we headed down to the pool to prepare ourselves for our Snorkel on Sunday morning. We learnt how to use the mask, swim with flippers and duck dive down to the bottom! We also spent the afternoon in education sessions with Allergists, Dietitians and Allergy Nurses – who helped us learn more about allergy management and answered any and all questions we had!

Later in the evening, Pete Griffiths – CEO, Australian Camps Association – ran us through some team challenges, testing how well we could work together as a group. Finally, when it was dark – we finished the day with a game of spotlight!